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Monday - Friday
10am - 5pm
10am - 12.30pm
Open all year, but hours may be shorter in the winter months

My name is Oriel Hicks and I have been living and working in these beautiful islands off the Cornish coast for 30 years now, and never tire of the stunning scenery which surrounds me. It informs the colours I use and inspires the forms I create, being surrounded by glass-clear aquamarine sea and sparkling "silver" granite sand.

Luckily, I don't have much of a view of all that beauty from my studio window, as I'm on the tiny Business Park on St. Mary's, otherwise I would never get any work done at all! I do see it on my daily commute though....half a mile, by trusty pushbike, ....and feel it too when there's a force 8 icy blast whistling over Carn Thomas Hill.

I am part of a cooperative of studios, ((collectively the Phoenix Workshops), which gives me the benefit of year-round company, coffee, help, advice.... and the occasional home made cake!

Many of us run workshops, especially during our May Arts festival each year, so it would be lovely to see any prospective students who may wish to visit these "Fortunate Isles".

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